How does Clara's referral program "Give $100, Get $100" work?

If you're a paying Clara customer and ready to introduce someone to all the time they can save with Clara, then Give $100, Get $100 is perfect for you.  

  1. Share your referral in one of two ways
    • In your preferences dashboard, if the user is on the pre-generated Referral suggestion list, check the box next to their email. Otherwise, add the user's email address and click Add. Then click Refer. 
      • Your referee will get an email to sign-up for a two week trial using your unique link.
    • In your preferences dashboard, copy your unique referral link. Send it via your email, Slack, SMS, or other method of communication. 
      • Please do not share it on social media nor in your email signature (this causes others who don't know it's your own unique personal link to then share it on their social media as well).
  2. If your referee becomes a paying customer, they get $100 off their next Clara invoice and you will get a $100 referral bonus.

By default, we offer $100 off your next Clara invoice, but can also provide an Amazon Gift Card upon request. 

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