Buffer Times

Your Buffer Times determine the amount of time Clara leaves between meetings, and can be set differently for in-person and virtual meetings in your preferences dashboard.
If you'd like to set conditional buffer times for specific types of calls or meetings, just tell Clara (e.g. Clara -- please find us time to talk. Also, ignore my buffer times for this meeting.) or use a  Codeword.
  • Buffer time is not a visible block on your calendar but is taken into account by Clara when determining your availability
  • Buffer time is not travel time. Clara will leave the max of the designated buffer time and travel time in between in-person meetings.
    • For example, your next coffee meeting is 45 minutes away and you have a buffer time for in-person meetings of 30 minutes. Clara will leave a 45-minutes between these meetings.  
    • Clara will use this method even if you haven't opted into visible travel blocks.
    • Learn how Clara manages travel time here.
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