Virtual Meetings (Calls & Remote)

You can update virtual meeting details on your  preferences dashboard
If your email doesn't suggest an in-person meeting, Clara will schedule a virtual meeting by default. For example, "call" or "chat" implies virtual to Clara while "meet" implies in-person. If your participant asks to use a virtual meeting type other than your default, Clara will  make the change and notify you.
You can set the channel details, duration, and additional text-based information for Clara-supported virtual channels in your  preferences dashboard .
  • Phone calls (Learn more about who initiates the call here)
  • Static-link conferencing services (e.g. your personal room/ID)
  • Meeting-specific Google Hangout/Meet, CoderPad, and Zoom via the "Integrations" tab
If you’d like to trigger a certain virtual meeting type, tell Clara in your email. For example, 
  • “CCing Clara to get a Skype on the calendar”
  • "Clara schedule time to chat with Joe. Joe is international" 
  • You can combine with codewords as well, where "demo" could mean use your Skype for 45 minutes instead of your defaults
  • If you have a static conference link add it as a Conference Line (e.g. personal room)
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