CC/BCC Email Preferences

Stay as informed of Clara's work as you would like to be. You can update this preference for your default email address directly in your preferences dashboard
You can also have Clara CC or BCC additional email addresses. For example, your executive assistant, a shared calendar, email to Salesforce, or the interview-tracking calendar the team views. Just let Clara know addresses you’d like to add and which emails you’d like them to receive. Clara can currently support first email only, last email only, first and last email, or all emails with this function. 
If you are using Clara to coordinate for others, your preferences are also followed for those meetings so you can stay as in-the-loop as you would like.  
Tip:  We recommend new users set BCC to "Always" and CC to "Never" until they are comfortable with Clara. A majority of our long-term customers have BCC set to "First email only" and CC to "Never"; therefore they know Clara picked up the meeting request and then receive an invite, while trusting Clara to handle the in-between work. Meetings and status will always show on your preferences dashboard
CC - All included parties can see that you have been included on the email
BCC - Your participants can not see you’re a recipient
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