Follow-Up Frequency & Limit

You can adjust follow-up preferences via your preferences dashboard.

Follow-up frequency determines how many days Clara waits when no one has responded. This frequency applies to Clara's follow up for scheduling with participants, asking you questions, asking your participants questions, and for collecting missing invite details (e.g. phone number, location). For most uses, follow-up frequency is limited to standard US business days. 

Follow-up limit is the maximum number of times Clara will reach out to you or your participants when there is no response. This resets each time someone replies to the message unless the reply explicitly requests Clara to stop follow-up. When your follow-up limit is reached due to your participants, Clara will notify you. If your follow-up limit is reached because Clara asked you a question, Clara may cease scheduling until an answer is received.

Please note: Clara can follow-up sooner if you request it by emailing Clara on the chain. Clara's limit for unresponsive outreach is limited according to best practices.


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