Travel Time Events

Clara is designed to take travel time into account when scheduling in-person meetings. This feature determines whether or not you see these blocks on your calendar. You can update your Travel Time Event preferences to see these blocks on your calendar in your  preferences dashboard.

Travel time is calculated based on the information Clara knows: 

  • If Clara knows the location of the previous meeting and your upcoming meeting, then Google max drive time between these locations is used
    • Minimum travel time for Clara is 30 minutes, so a calculated 5 minute travel will show as a 30 minute block on your calendar if Travel time events are on.
  • If Clara does not know the location of one of the meetings, Clara will book a default 30 minute travel time



  • Clara is not yet able to leave a minimum amount of travel time by default.
    • If you need Clara to leave a minimum amount of time between all in-person meetings, you may want to update your Buffer Time preference; however, Buffer Times will not be visible on your calendar and they will be taken into account even when the location doesn't change.
  • Clara can’t currently calculate travel time via any other methods (e.g. no walking or public transit times).
  • The maximum of travel time and buffer time is used when scheduling. 
  • Travel time events are created and you are invited to them directly, so they show your your calendar without you receiving an email invitation. Some domain-level permissions may prevent this from working properly, so check these permissions if travel time is not showing up when expected. 


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