Preferred Meeting Times

When determining your availability, Clara will search for open time slots within your actual calendar(s)in addition to preferences. Preferred Meeting Times allow you to share nuance about your ideal schedule with Clara and are set in your preferences dashboard:

  • No coffee meetings after 2pm
  • No in-office meetings on Fridays
  • Lunch starting between 11am and 1pm (see Codewords for more ideas)
  • Drinks after 5pm

Please note that Clara is not yet able to remember some types of meetings (but see Codewords for more ideas):

  • Internal participants only
  • International only
  • Conference calls only (e.g. Skype/Zoom conference/GHO) versus phone calls only
  • Direct calls only versus group calls only
  • Additional specific meeting types (e.g. interviews, recruiting, demos) 
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