Approved Meeting Contacts

If you interact with certain individuals or companies on a regular basis, you can approve them to schedule by adding them to your list of approved contacts. Otherwise, you will be asked for permission every time they contact Clara.
You can add distinct email addresses or entire domains to your approved contacts. Each addition to your list can be granted permission to:
  • Schedule - Request meetings both you and they will be attending
  • Initiate - Request meetings for you, without them in attendance*
*By default, your entire domain has Initiate permissions.
  • Your approved contacts must tell Clara your email address by cc'ing you on the request. Otherwise, Clara will not know which customer to associate with the meeting request.
  • Your email addresses should not be added to the list
    • If you would like Clara to recognize your other email addresses, add them to Your Email Accounts.
    • If you would like to add people to your Clara team, add them to Your Team.
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