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By default, Clara sends calendar invites to all participants in the meeting and to your default email address. You can add email addresses for Clara to recognize as yours from your preferences dashboard, and can update your default email address by emailing Clara. 

Clara is not yet able to conditionally send invites to specific calendars based on origin. Instead, Clara will send all invites to all listed calendars (e.g. Clara cannot send personal meetings to a personal calendar, and all others to your work calendar), or add in calendars conditionally based on codewords.

Adding multiple email address could be helpful for you: 

  • If you have multiple email addresses or calendars that you use regularly, and they are not viewable/synced in one application.
  • If you need to keep a colleague, coordinator, or assistant in the loop with your schedule.
  • If there are vital tasks, such as conference room booking, being done by a colleague after Clara sets the meeting time.
  • If you need to ensure a CRM or ATS is informed of your meetings, and you can share this data with the system via email (e.g. Email to Salesforce).


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