Who Calls Whom

You can set your default phone preference in your preferences dashboard. If you have a direct phone number in your preferences, then Who Calls Whom determines which party initiates the call.

They Call You

  • Clara will provide your phone number for all applicable virtual meetings and will not ask you before providing your phone number to a meeting participant should they request it.

You Call Them

  • If your participant's phone number is readily available in the email context or listed in an email signature, Clara will automatically add their phone number to the calendar invite.
  • If you know the participant's phone number, you can tell Clara in the meeting request to prevent Clara from asking. For example, "Clara find time for me to chat with Joe. I already have his number so you don't need to collect it" or "Clara find Jenny and I time to talk this week. I'll call her at 555-867-5309"
  • If Clara is unable to determine your participant's phone number, Clara will ask for the number per your follow-up frequency
  • If a phone number isn’t obtained when a meeting time is confirmed, Clara will send the invite and will add the missing invite details once obtained.
  • If you have a phone number saved in your preferences, Clara will ask your permission before providing your phone number to a participant that requests it.

Please note: Clara currently obtains phone numbers on a per-request basis and is not yet able to remember participants' phone numbers for future scheduling requests. You can conditionally change this preference by telling Clara or using a Codeword.

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