Event Titles

You can modify the standard Event Title Clara uses directly in your preferences dashboard. Learn more about the other types of data Clara can include in your events here


Standard Event Titles

Clara will use your standard event title for all meetings that you do not request a custom event title for. You can modify your standard event title to show or hide data: 

  • First names versus full names
  • Companies for participants and customer (if company is available)
  • Meeting type or not (e.g. virtual, coffee, lunch)

Custom Event Titles 

You can request a custom event title from Clara on any event by clearly stating the request. For example,

  • Clara, please setup the following meting:
    • Participants: Mary@xyz.org, Joe@company.com, Sam@firm.co
    • Duration: 45 minutes
    • Location: In-office, with a conference room
    • Event Title: Promotions Brochure Discussion
  • Clara find time for Joe and I to meet. Title the event "Promotions Brochures". 
  • Clara, Pam and I need to meet next week. The meeting title is Promotions Brochure Discussion.
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