How do I start a new scheduling request?

Just email Clara. You can directly email or cc Clara on pertinent emails to start the scheduling process. Clara will automatically BCC you on all emails for your first three meetings, and then will follow your BCC/CC settings so you stay as in-the-loop as you'd like to be. 

Ready to test Clara? Send one of these to a friend with Clara on cc:

  • "Testing out this new scheduling service. Clara, find us a time to meet."
  • "Testing this new Clara out. Clara - please find a time for us to jump on a call."
  • "Looping in Clara to schedule drinks while you're visiting me in NY."
  • "Clara add this workout schedule to my calendar for next week: Monday 8am-9am Rocks, Tuesday 4pm-6pm Climb, Thursday 7pm-7:45pm Yoga." 
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