Email Accounts & Calendars

Your Email Accounts & Your Calendars

Authentication is granted to your Google or O365 calendar by accessing your preferences dashboard. You must authenticate each account that you would like to use with Clara.

Once Clara has access to your accounts, you can set which calendars Clara should use to inform your free/busy time via the Your Calendars section of your preferences dashboard.

NOTE: If you accidentally add an email or calendar that is not yours, contact for help. 

NOTE: You may be asked to authenticate your account periodically due to password or access changes. 

NOTE: For Clara to work properly, your Google Calendar setting for "Automatically Add Invites to my calendar" must be set to one of the "Yes..." options. 


By default, all events are created on Clara's calendar, and invites are sent to you and other meeting participants. This aligns with Clara's philosophy to never ask for more access than necessary, but also means that you will not be able to directly edit your meeting invites.

If you use Google and consistently have last-minute changes you want to make on your own, then change Calendar. The options on your preferences dashboard include any calendar that Clara is using for availability (in the section Calendar Planning). When a new one is selected Clara may request increased access so meetings can be added directly. 

Calendar changes are only available if Clara is hosted on your Google domain

Learn more about Microsoft Exchange / Outlook Calendar support here.

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