How do I fix "This app is blocked" error message when authorizing Clara app to access my calendar?

Occasionally company settings prevent the addition of third-party apps without explicitly allowing them. These settings are configurable in Google Workspace (formerly GSuite) by a Google Administrator.

If you encounter the following message while registering, please send this article to your Google Workspace (formerly GSuite) Administrator and have them grant access to Clara.blocked.png

This app is blocked

This app tried to access sensitive info in your Google Account. To keep your account safe, Google blocked this access.


Fixing this error in Google Workspace (formerly GSuite)

You must be a Google Workspace Administrator to complete these steps. Clara is verified by Google and undergoes an annual review process by Google and a third-party security auditing company.

  1. Navigate to your Google Workspace Admin dashboard.
  2. In the top search bar, search for "API Controls" and select the option nested under "Security."searchh.png
  3. Click “MANAGE THIRD-PARTY APP ACCESS” on the right side of the page.

  4. Search for “Clara” on the page. If it is present, click the row to adjust the settings. If it’s not present in search results, go to Step 6.search_1.png
  5. Under App Access, set the application to Trusted: Can access all Google services. Then click save. Repeat this for each Clara app found in search results. Go to step 10.
  6. If Clara is not present in search results, click "Configure new app > OAuth App Name or Client ID."
  7. Search for Clara, and click the result with the Clara Labs logo.
  8. Select all OAuth Client IDs and click "Select."
  9. Set app access to “Trusted: Can access all Google services” and click configure.
  10. Clara is now listed as a trusted application on your Google Workspace account. After approximately 15 minutes, your users should no longer face the blocked message. For assistance, contact
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