What if my meeting or reminder time is already set?

If a meeting has already been finalized (e.g. board meeting, large-scale event, conference) or you want to be reminded about an event or to-do, let Clara know. 

Your request will automatically override any conflicts such as buffer times

  • If Clara is CC'ed on a message with other recipients, then these email recipients are added as meeting participants, are sent a confirmation email, and are then sent the event invite.
  • If Clara is the only email recipient, then Clara's action will depend on what you send:
    • One time event for a particular day: Clara will email you to remind you of the topic
    • One-time event for a particular time of day: Clara will add an event to your calendar

Clara is there to help with your calendar and managing your time. As such, Clara may followup about conflicts to ensure you are aware. To prevent this, let Clara know to ignore conflicts. 



"Clara, please add this conference to my calendar. Ignore any schedule conflicts." Clara will add events to your calendar regardless of what is already there. 
"Clara -- the board meeting is set. Add these meetings to my calendar."  Clara will add events to your calendar, and make you aware of conflicts. 
"Clara book John and I for coffee 3pm on Friday." Clara will add the event to your calendar, and invite John if he is also a recipient of the email.
"Clara, remind me to talk to Steve about "Promotions Brochures" next Tuesday." Clara will email you next Tuesday as a reply to your request so that you have context for the reminder. 




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