Can Clara remember to schedule a meeting at a later date?

Clara can remember to reach out to schedule a meeting at a later date. Simply email Clara directly or CC in a thread to:

  • reach out to someone in the future
  • schedule a followup meeting
  • send you a reminder about a future meeting


  • “Hey Clara, can you reach out to Ashley in a month to set up some time for us to grab coffee?”
  • "Hey John! We're excited to move forward in the process. Talk it over with your team, and we'll talk again next month. I've added Clara who will reach out in three weeks to schedule our followup.”
  • "Clara, can you remind me to reach out to Julie from Acme Co. in January?"

Please note Clara is not yet able to refrain from reaching out immediately by default and can only do so when specifically asked or when a codeword is used.


Participant asks to reach out later

Clara understands when a meeting participant responds that they're unavailable, and will reach out again at a more appropriate time.

  • "I'm traveling right now, and won't be back until April 5th."
  • "Sorry Clara- Totally booked this month. Try again in a couple weeks?"

Please note that Clara can follow up on a specific date but cannot follow up at a specific time.


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