Can Clara reschedule multiple meetings from a single email request?

Clara can currently help manage your calendar reschedules from one request. If you anticipate a high volume of batch emails for your Clara needs, please reach out to

Reschedules / Take a sick day

Let Clara know if you need to move things already on the calendar in bulk. You can tell Clara directly: 

  • Clara, please reschedule all meetings on Tuesday.
  • Hi Clara, please push all of Friday's calls to next Monday.
  • Clara, please reschedule tomorrow's meeting.

Please note:

  • Clara can only reschedule meetings that Clara originally scheduled and will notify you of other meetings that can't be rescheduled, deleted, or updated so that you can do that directly on your calendar.
  • Clara can reliably handle same-day meeting updates as long as it's not within 4 hours from the initial request.
  • Clara will respond more speedily if you reply directly on the email thread where the original request was made for which you need to reschedule.  
  • Clara cannot schedule these meetings sequentially yet. Clara can't use this method to set meeting with Joe and then a followup 2 days later. Instead, send Clara a note after the meeting with Joe is set, and Clara will schedule the followup.  
  • Clara is not currently designed to schedule:

    - recurring meetings (a meeting every Tuesday at 9am),

    - all-day events (the function at the top of the calendar in Google Calendar or Outlook calendar),

    - batch scheduling of events in one email thread (one Zoom call this week and another in-person meeting next week).

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