Codewords are only available on some plans. Contact to get these set up, to edit them, or for any questions about codewords.

Codewords bring together a word or phrase as a trigger in the body of a message, and an action for Clara to take on your behalf. These codeword actions must leverage already existing Clara functionality. If you would like to propose a new action for product development, let Clara know. 

Codewords are set up at either the user level or organization level, so either each user on an account needs to establish a codeword or the whole team can do so if they want to use a similar workflow. There is no limit to the number of codewords you can have.

If you would like to suggest a codeword be setup, message Clara with your Trigger and Action. Our internal team will review for supportability and get back to you quickly with suggested updates or confirmation that the codeword has been set. Once set, you can view the Trigger and Action directly on the "Advanced" tab of your preferences dashboard

If you are looking for even more functionality to boost your ability to get meetings scheduled (especially with volume and/or in conjunction with marketing automation), check out respond-only mode

Trigger: Clara will look for the exact (case-insensitive) usage of a given codeword, so you should choose a unique 1-3 word phrase (at least 5 characters) that you can easily remember and won't accidentally show up in your other messages. Participant emails, quoted text, and email subject lines will not trigger a codeword. 

  • Triggers must only contain recognized English words
  • Triggers cannot contain numbers, emojis, or symbols (@#$%^&*-.)
  • Triggers cannot be your name, email address, or words that appear in your email signature
  • Triggers cannot redefine a term (e.g., “30 minutes” in an email = “25 minute meeting” is not allowed)
  • Triggers will be recognized in the body of an email, so beware of words or phrases that occur regularly in your correspondence from others

Action: Define a specific intent for the trigger. Clara will always use your calendar-based availability, and these actions only change your preferences for the particular meeting. 

  • Event Constraints
  • Integrations
    • Greenhouse-integrated request
    • Lever-integrated request including feedback form and panel creation
  • Meeting customization
    • Add an email address to the meeting invite (e.g. add Interviews Calendar for tracking)
    • Add text to the beginning of the event title (e.g. Phone Screen: [name] <>[name])
    • Add text to the meeting description (e.g. further details on the interview process)
    • Always BCC an email address for a meeting
  • Basic calendar management
  • Scheduling Strategies
    • Schedule this meeting with elevated priority
    • Politely cease scheduling
    • Ensure Clara proposes times 1 week or 1 month into the future
    • Change followup frequency or followup limit
    • Prefer participant times so Clara responds right away asking what times work instead of suggesting times to the meeting participant at first


Codeword Example Usage Clara Action
"phone screen"  "Clara, can you get Jessica slotted for a phone screen? Thanks!" Schedule Monday through Friday between 8am and 8pm for 15 minutes, with no buffer time, via Google Hangout. 
"Looking forward"

"Hi Rhody, Let's hop on a call next week. Clara CC'ed can get this on calendar. Looking forward to it!"

Schedule with elevated priority.

"a bite"
"Great! Can't wait for you to join me for a bite."

Schedule next available Tuesday at 7pm for 2 hours.
"the demo"
"Looping in Clara to find us a time for you to see the demo."

Schedule 9am - 7pm on days where you have defined preferred meeting times. Use Google Hangouts.
"India team"
"Clara, please find time to talk to the India team cc'd here"

Schedule 7am-8am Mon-Thurs, or 9-11pm Sun-Thurs.
"kickoff call" "Clara please book 60 minutes for a kickoff call" Schedule the event with all guests on the email and add to the invite
"peninsula" "Cc'ing Clara to find us time for coffee when I'm on the peninsula next week" Schedule at Coffee 123 in Palo Alto (that is in location preferences).
"really booked" "Sounds good, but I'm really booked right now. Clara, please find time"

Clara follows up immediately, and suggests times no sooner than 1 month from date of request.

"whenever works" "Excellent, happy to chat whenever works for you. Clara will get this scheduled for us."
Clara responds as happy to schedule with times that work for participant. If there is no further response after your followup frequency is met, Clara will suggest times to participant. 

"technical screen" "Clara will help us schedule a technical screen for you and Tom." Clara will sync the meeting in Lever and add your team's Interviews calendar ID to the invite.
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