Respond-only mode

Respond-only mode is only available on some plans, so contact with any questions. 

Respond-only mode uses a phrase to trigger Clara to take no action, and may be used to improve meeting rates from outbound campaigns. Respond-only mode is set at the user level, so each user must setup the phrases they would like to use. There is no current limit to the number of respond-only mode phrases that you can have. Also see codewords for more ideas. 

To use respond-only mode, email your trigger phrase or template email to Clara for setup. 


Trigger: Clara will look for the exact (case-insensitive) usage of a phrase, so you should choose something unique that is part of your outbound campaigns sent from your email address, and won't accidentally show up in other messages. Participant emails will not trigger respond-only mode.

  • Triggers cannot be your name, email address, or words that appear in your email signature
  • Trigger should be a phrase or sentence that appears in your automated emails, but not in regular conversations. You can use an entire paragraph of text to ensure no overlap if needed. 


Action: Clara will not immediately followup to get the meeting setup. Only once a participant responds to the request for a meeting, and agrees to work towards getting a meeting scheduled, will Clara become active.

There is no current limit to the number of messages that you can CC Clara on, and only once Clara becomes active does the message count towards your monthly meeting request limits. Automated replies (e.g. out of office) or replies where the participant does not want to take action (e.g. they state they do not want to meet) will not count towards monthly meeting request limits.


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