Elevated Meeting Priority

Through a Codeword, you can indicate to Clara when a meeting is urgent and requires preference relaxation. This status applies on a per-meeting basis to override Clara's standard behavior

When the codeword is triggered, Clara will continue to take into account your availability per your calendar. In addition, Clara will make overrides to your preferences so that a meeting can be scheduled sooner, and you can choose from the following #1-4 to include:  

  1. Schedule over internal meetings
    • Any meeting that only has participants on your Approved Meeting Contacts list, which defaults to internal teammates on your domain
  2. Expand your Preferred Meeting Times to a wider window of your choosing (such as Monday-Friday 7am-10pm, in your timezone)
  3. First ask your participant what times work for them instead of initially suggesting times to the meeting participant
  4. Automatically accommodate any participant request to do the below by relaxing customer approval standards:
    • Change the meeting type from virtual to in-person, or vice-versa
    • Change an in-person meeting location
    • Change a virtual meeting channel type or details
    • Change the meeting duration
    • Change who calls whom
    • Change the event title or details
    • Expand preferred meeting times to Monday-Friday 8am-7pm, in your timezone
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