How do I host Clara on my domain?

You can change Clara's name or domain based on the plan you choose. You may also be able to modify Clara's signature as well. 


I want to host Clara on my domain using Google Workspace or Microsoft 365

To get Clara hosted on your domain, set up a new user account on your Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 domain and email with the email, name, and password.
Google Workspace provides a convenient option to invite to log in and create a new password.

For Google Workspace, if 2-Step Verification is set up on your domain, you will also need to include a backup code with the new email and password. We will then re-set 2fa when we connect Clara. 

If you have security constraints that prevent you from being able to share the password for a new email account, email and we will work with you to get set up. 

My domain doesn't use Google Workspace or Microsoft 365

If you're not currently using these systems, we might be able to help. Please contact us and we can see about possible solutions.

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