Does Clara work with Outlook/Microsoft Exchange or iCal?

Clara works great with Google Workspace and web-based Outlook (e.g. Office 365)!

Clara with O365

Due to limitations within the way O365 works (not limitations of Clara), there are a few differences in how Clara works with O365 compared to Google Workspace.

These are not essential functions at all and are simply add-on features:

  1. Clara works with web-based O365 and not with on-premise Exchange or other Outlook services due to Microsoft's design. To see if you are using web-based O365, you must be able to log in and see email and calendar data from
  2. While you will not be able to directly edit events, events will be hosted on Clara's calendar and you will be invited to them as a participant, so just ask Clara for any last-minute changes.
  3. You will not be able to have Clara book in-office conference rooms because Microsoft has not enabled this in their API yet, though we are told it is in progress.
  4. While Clara won't be able to automatically see calendars for non-Clara customers on your domain, they can quickly and easily give Clara direct view access via this link for easier scheduling.

Clara with iCal

We do not yet support iCal directly. If you would like to know a workaround that our users utilize for iCal, just let us know by emailing

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