Coordination for others: using Clara as your recruiting coordinator

Clara can help your entire team by scheduling time for candidates and interviewers to connect. Clara will get candidates’ availability, manage all the scheduling communication, and send calendar invites. While Clara handles all the logistics, you can stay updated on the progress of your request in your dashboard. To use Clara as your recruiting coordinator, feel free to contact us at and we’ll help you get set up.

If you use Google and Clara is on your domain, Clara will have access to your colleagues' calendars as they are on the same domain. If Clara is on our domain ( or if you use O365, your colleagues can share their calendars with Clara here:

Two things to note for those who click the link since they aren't onboarded as Clara customers:

  • Time-based events are always BUSY to Clara. This means Clara will not book over a meeting 8am-5pm called "Clara book here".
  • All-day events are ignored unless they contain "DNS" for Do Not Schedule, or "Travel: New York" to tell Clara you'll be somewhere else.

When looping in Clara to schedule a meeting that you be attending, Clara will still** follow your BCC/CC preferences, be able to book a conference room on your domain, and potentially send invites to a shared tracking calendar.

For example, you’ll CC the candidate, interviewer, and Clara:

To: Hiring Manager
CC: Candidate, Clara

[Hiring manager], I’d like to introduce you to [candidate], who seems like a great fit for the role. Clara, please find time for [hiring manager] to call [candidate] for 30 minutes this week.

From here, you can let Clara handle it. Clara will send interview reminders and take care of rescheduling requests, and your candidate will get scheduled swiftly. You’ll be able to focus your time on answering their questions and coaching them through the journey.

Clara is built to be adaptable to your workflow and increase conversion through your funnel - get started by contacting us at



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