Can Clara schedule recurring meetings, all-day events, and batch scheduling of events?

Clara is not currently designed to schedule:

  • recurring meetings (a meeting every Tuesday at 9am),
  • all-day events (the function at the top of the calendar in Google Calendar or Outlook calendar),
  • batch scheduling (in one email thread, coordinate time for one Zoom call this week and another in-person meeting next week).

Recurring Meetings

If your participant asks Clara for a recurring meeting or a batch scheduling of events, feel free to:

1) tell Clara to move forward with scheduling just the first instance of the series/one event of the batch,

2) or you could re-send Clara each instance of the meeting separately as individual requests as a proxy for recurring meetings, being sure to use a unique subject heading/email title for each request.

Batch Scheduling

If the batch of events already have a predetermined time and no timing needs to be coordinated, Clara can add up to a max of 3 of these events at a time per email thread.

1. First thread:

Subject heading/email title: Impark parking fees Apr May Jun

Email body text: "Clara, add 'Pay Impark parking fees' to calendar 9am-9:30am Apr 30, May 31, Jun 30."2.

2. Second thread:

Subject heading/email title: Hold for emails Jul Aug Sep

Email body text: "Clara, add 'Hold for emails' to calendar 2pm-2:30pm Jul 31, Aug 31, Sep 30."

All-day Events

While Clara does not yet have the functionality to use this feature at the top of Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar, as a workaround you can tell Clara to add this event as a time-based event for 9am-5pm, if you don't mind this event blocking your calendar. Heads up that Clara never books over time-based events and would not book over this event without explicit instructions to do so each time; and Clara ignores all all-day events that are not in the format of "DNS" or "Travel" as a prefix at the beginning of the event.

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