How do I manage Google Meet (Google Hangouts/GHO) links on invites?

Clara-generated Google Meet meetings (formerly known as GHO/Google Hangouts)

Clara can automatically add a link to your Google Meet calendar invites. Clara will generate the link for Google Meet based on your GSuite settings (e.g. if your domain uses Google Meet, so will Clara). 

In your Meeting Details settings, you can set up Google Meet as a dynamic (meeting-specific) or static link:

  1. Select Add contact details from the Calls & virtual tab
  2. For dynamic links, select Google Meet
  3. For static links, select Conference line and input info for your static GM link (like here)
    • NOTE: Meeting attendees need your approval to join the link for either of these GM links. 

Dynamic Google Meet links on all invites for your domain

Google Calendar will automatically add a dynamic Google Meet link to every calendar invite if the setting is enabled in your Admin Google settings:

  • Meeting attendees can join the link without your approval.
  • A video link will show up in the “Video Call” section of every event that you or Clara schedule regardless of meeting type (e.g. phone, in person).
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