Conference Room Setup

Conference room booking with Clara is available based on the following conditions and functionality. You can configure and modify your conference room settings directly in your preferences dashboard. 

  1. Only some plans can use Clara for booking a conference room. 
  2. Clara must be hosted on your domain.
  3. Conference rooms must be setup and booked as resources via your GSuite.  

- Conference room setup must be completed by a Clara Admin.

  • Refer to your preferences dashboard to determine who your Clara Admins are, and request a change in status from your Clara Admins if needed. 

Conference Room Setup Process

In your preferences dashboard, click the "Integrations" tab on the top-right drop-down menu, and then click "Connect with GSuite."

  • You should immediately receive a note that resources were discovered successfully.
  • If you do not immediately get a successful discovery note, validate with a GSuite Admin that your domain has enabled API access.

Click "Configure Conference Rooms" once the resource list has loaded (this could take up to 60 seconds).

Choose the conference rooms that anyone on your team may use with Clara.

Add capacity so Clara can book a room that makes sense for the size of each meeting.

Once Conference Room Setup is complete: 

  • Update Your preferred rooms & booking settings to tell Clara which rooms you personally like to use for meetings. 
    • By default all rooms configured during Conference Room Setup are pre-populated
    • If your preferred rooms are not available in the timeframe for the meeting, Clara will expand to use rooms that have been setup via Conference Room Setup. 
  • Update your Auto-Booking preference as needed, so you don't have to request a room for each meeting request. 
    • If you would like a meeting room booked on a non-Auto-Booking meeting type, just let Clara know: "Clara, find me time to talk to John and get us a room. Thanks!"


  • Clara requires discovery and read access to resources. Clara DOES NOT require GSuite admin access.
  • Conference Room configuration and capacity can be updated at any time by any Clara Admin in their preferences dashboard
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