Event Titles
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You can modify the format of the event title Clara uses here.

Here are the current event title options, along with examples:

  • First Names, Company
    Ellie (Company 1) <> Jackie (Company 2)

  • Full Names, Company
    Ellie Arroway (Company 1) <> Jackie Hall (Company 2)

  • First Names
    Ellie <> Jackie

  • Full Names
    Ellie Arroway <> Jackie Hall

  • Meeting Type, First Names, Company
    Call: Ellie (Company 1) <> Jackie (Company 2)

  • Meeting Type, Full Names, Company
    Call: Ellie Arroway (Company 1) <> Jackie Hall (Company 2)

  • Meeting Type, First Names
    Call: Ellie <> Jackie

  • Meeting Type, Full Names
    Call: Ellie Arroway <> Jackie Hall

Note: If Clara doesn't know the participant's last name or company, they will not be included.

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