Your Dashboard
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Once you sign up for Clara, you can access your dashboard anytime to view or update settings and see what Clara is working on for you.


You can find an overview of your meetings on this tab:

  • Status of meetings that haven't been scheduled yet

  • Upcoming meetings

  • Past and cancelled meetings


Your settings tab is broken down into these main sections: Profile, Team, Calendar Planning, Meeting Details and Clara's Emails. You can make updates as needed to the following settings:


  • Your name

  • Your company

  • Your timezone

  • Your Clara


  • Default call channel for new users (Only visible to Admins)

  • Team members (Admins can add new team members and change their user role)

Calendar Planning

  • Your calendars

  • Your email accounts

  • Preferred meeting times

  • Preferred buffer times

Meeting Details

  • Preferred call details (e.g. Zoom, Google Meet)

  • Preferred event title format

  • The rmail addresses Clara should send calendar invites to

  • The calendar Clara should send meeting invitations from

Clara's Emails

  • How many times should Clara follow up with a participant?

  • How many days should Clara wait before following up again?

  • Should Clara send out a reminder email to all participants 24 hours before each meeting?

  • When should Clara BCC or CC you on an email?

  • Weekly summary email

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